What To Do – Managing Dental Issues During Covid-19 Lockdown

This is a challenging time for everyone and nobody wants to be in pain. Here are some ideas on how to manage common dental issues until we can safely see patients for non-urgent dental treatment again.

Broken filling/tooth

If it’s not sensitive great! Let’s try to keep it that way!

  • Gently brush the teeth around the affected tooth and clean your mouth and teeth by rinsing with warm salt water or mouth wash
  • Avoid chewing on that side
  • Avoid hard, sticky foods
  • If there is excessive bleeding, wet a tea bag and bite on it for 10 minutes to stem the flow of blood.

Dental Trauma

E.g. the kids have been bouncing off the walls and one has smacked their face on the table…

  • Reduce bleeding if excessive by biting on a teabag
  • Soft food for four weeks and salt rinse if able
  • Record details of the incident to lodge a claim with ACC at later date.

If it is sensitive…

If you can reach the sensitive area, apply a little clove oil with a cotton swab. It works well to dull tooth pain. You can buy clove oil in pharmacies and also in the spice aisle of many supermarkets.

So long as you are not allergic the combination of 1 x Paracetamol and 1 x Ibruprofen work together to specifically help tooth pain. Please follow directions for usage and frequency these can be taken.


Broken brackets / loose wire…

  • Hopefully, you have some wax to place over any area that may be rubbing on the gums
  • If there is a wire sticking into the gum and you don’t have wax, try to bend it back
  • If there is a broken bracket and you can remove it please do so, it is fine if you cannot.

If you do otherwise are suffering from pain or trauma that is not manageable by antibiotics or pain medication then you can get in touch with us as an emergency dentist in Hamilton.