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If you have had an accident and knocked your tooth or mouth, it is always a good idea to get in to see us and register with ACC in case there are problems further down the track.

We are experienced with ACC dental quotes and can check out the tooth, and file all the paperwork and you can rest easy knowing there is a proper record if future claims need to be made.

Does ACC cover dental treatment?

ACC is the government agency that compensates individuals who have sustained injuries through accidents. This also includes dental injuries. In Hamilton, the Hamilton Dental Centre is a recognised ACC registered dentist, and we offer dental services through ACC if you have an injury that is caused by an accident, a sporting injury, or as the result of dental treatment.

What support can I get from ACC?

Like all injuries, dental injuries are assessed on a case-by-case basis by ACC and they will then determine if you qualify for financial support to help to pay for the cost of any dental treatment.

In most cases, our dentists will carry out the required dental work and ACC will cover part of the cost of treatment. If you have a serious dental injury that requires you to take time off work, ACC may also be able to support you with this, however, again, this will be assessed on a case by case basis.

What do I need to do to make an ACC claim for dental treatment?

The first thing to do when you have an accident and suffer a dental injury is to make an appointment to see your dentist. If it is a dental emergency, we do have same-day appointments available and these cover the full range of dental care services.

At Hamilton Dental Centre, you can book an appointment with confidence, knowing that we are an ACC registered dentist. Treatment is carried out by one of our registered dentists and they will also help you to fill out the ACC claim form.

At your first appointment, you will pay the dentist part of their normal fee for the treatment and, if your claim is approved, ACC will cover the rest. It is uncommon for ACC to cover the full cost of dental treatment, however, it is dependent on your circumstances.

If your dental injury means you need to take time off work, you will need to discuss this with your doctor or nurse. Dentists are not able to sign patients off work.

If you require further treatment after the initial visit to the dental practice, it may be necessary to see a dental specialist. If this is the case, ACC will need to review this and approve further treatment beyond the initial claim. It is important that you fully understand your financial responsibility before agreeing to any further treatment. If in doubt, you can speak to someone at ACC directly.

Does ACC cover all dental work?

ACC will only cover dental injuries that are caused by the following:

  • A sporting injury
  • An accident
  • As a result of medical or dental treatment

ACC typically don’t cover claims if:

  • Damage to your teeth or dentures is caused by wear and tear
  • Treatment was carried out by a dental technician and not a dentist
  • Your treatment was for an existing dental problem

ACC won’t cover other dental issues such as root canal treatment as this is deemed to be caused by wear and tear, not an accident.
The amount that ACC will contribute towards your dental treatment will depend on the condition of your mouth, teeth, or denture prior to the accident. In the majority of cases, ACC will contribute towards the total cost of treatment and you will pay the rest.

You can find out more about ACC and the injuries they cover on their website.

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