Cosmetic Dentistry - Veneers, Bridges & More

Cosmetic dentistry is used to refer to dental work that improves the appearance of a person’s teeth, gums and bite. The best type of cosmetic dentistry is that which is unnoticeable to the eye but significant to the individual. At Hamilton Dental we offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures using the latest methods, materials and technology. It’s a great service to give you the perfect smile makeover.

What can be fixed with cosmetic dentistry?

There is a wide range of improvements that can be made to your dental appearance through cosmetic dental treatments. Some of these include the removal of unsightly tooth structures or gums, the addition of dental material to teeth or gums, dental fillings, dental crowns, straightening of crooked teeth, and dental implants, the straightening of teeth and the reshaping of teeth and the whitening of teeth.

What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

There are a huge number of benefits to undertaking cosmetic dentistry. The first and most obvious is the improvement in your general appearance which can increase self-confidence and wellbeing. Another benefit is the structural correction of teeth and gums can also be a preventative measure to avoid future problems that could arise as well as improve your overall oral health. Another benefit is the improvement in your quality of life and being able to eat/drink the food and beverages that you enjoy more comfortably.

What is tooth reshaping?

Tooth reshaping removes parts of the enamel to improve the appearance of the tooth. It can be used to correct a small chip, to alter the length, shape or position of teeth or to correct crooked or excessively long teeth. It is also known as enameloplasty, odontoplasty, contouring, recontouring, slenderizing, stripping or sculpting. The procedure offers fast results and can even be a substitute for braces under certain circumstances.

What is tooth bonding?

Bonding is a process in which an enamel-like dental composite material is applied to a tooth’s surface, sculpted into shape, hardened and then polished.

What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are false teeth, known as pontics, which are fused between two porcelain crowns to fill in areas left by missing teeth. These are often known as a fixed bridge and is done to replace one or more missing teeth. Fixed bridges cannot be taken out in the same way that partial dentures can. In areas of the mouth that are under less stress, such as the front teeth, a cantilever bridge may be used.

What are veneers?

Veneers are ultra-thin, custom-made porcelain laminates that are bonded directly to the teeth. They are an option for closing gaps or disguising discoloured teeth that do not respond well to whitening procedures. Depending on the procedure, tooth reduction may be necessary.

Is cosmetic dentistry expensive?

Patients are often anxious in enquiring about cosmetic dentistry because of the perceived costs involved. With improving technology/techniques and more accessible materials, costs for cosmetic dentistry are becoming increasingly competitive over time. Our dentists will be able to provide a specific quote depending on your own unique circumstances and the cost and extent of the procedure(s) you wish to undertake.