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At the Hamilton Dental Centre, we offer a full range of dental services to meet all the needs of our patients. This includes all the dental treatments you would expect to find including procedures to manage tooth decay like fillings, crowns and root canals and dental implants. It includes procedures like wisdom tooth removal and emergency dental treatments. It also includes services in cosmetic dentistry like teeth cleaning, teeth whitening and veneers.

We also practice in the latest pain-free dentistry techniques and technology.


If you have had an accident and knocked you tooth, it always a good idea to get in to see us.


Cosmetic dentistry is used to refer to dental work that improves the appearance of a person’s teeth.


A dental implant itself is an “artificial tooth root’ which acts as a new base for a replacement tooth


If you have had an accident and knocked you tooth, it always a good idea to get in to see us.


Orthodontics is a speciality of dentistry that focuses on the treatment of malocclusions .


We do our best to ensure the comfort and safety of our patients. We know it’s not always easy for you. 


Appointments when you really need it.We get when an issue pops up you want it dealt with…


Wisdom teeth usually appear at the back of your mouth during your late teens or early twenties. 

Same day crowns

Crowns are tooth-shaped caps which fit over the top of your teeth, to strengthen and protect them.


Inside a tooth is a fine space called the root canal. The root canal contains the dental pulp which consists of nerves


Tooth whitening can be done at home (using a customised tray system designed by your dentist).

Same day crowns

A filling is a treatment for a tooth damaged by decay, restoring its normal function and shape.


The NV Microlaser is a dental diode laser that can be used for many different soft tissue procedures. 


We are able to see children from 13 to 18 years for their general dentistry provisions.


Dentist teeth cleaning is essential to keeping your teeth free of plaque and tartar.

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