Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great solution when one or more teeth are missing or need replacing. The dental implant itself is an “artificial tooth root’ which acts as a new base for a replacement tooth. They are made from titanium, which is safe and biocompatible to the human body.

The dental implant procedure involves inserting the implant into the jaw bone by your dentist. The bone grows around the dental implant and holds it firmly in place. This process is called osseointegration.

Dental implants provide a stable foundation for your new teeth. Implant supported teeth are made of 3 main components (implant, abutment and crown) and look and perform exactly like your natural teeth.

  • Why restore your teeth with dental implants?

    Maintain your appearance

    Even if you have been missing a tooth for many years, dental implants can offer significant benefits. After time, the bone in the area of the missing teeth can start to recede (which is referred to as bone resorption). This can affect your jawline and can change the shape and look of your face. Dental implants help maintain and stimulate bone growth, helping maintain your normal appearance.

    Improve functionality

    Dental implants are designed to take on the normal function of natural teeth.  For denture wearers, poor chewing function is common, which can result in the malabsorption of key nutrients in food, affecting health and wellbeing. Dental implants improve functionality, giving you the freedom to get on with life, enjoying eating the foods you wish and leading your normal lifestyle.

    Security and peace-of-mind

    Dental implants can be life-changing for patients missing some, or all of their teeth. Dental implants can provide a variety of solutions depending on patient preference, ranging from removable implant retained dentures to non-removable bridges. They are a reliable solution that offers individuals great peace of mind.

  • What are the benefits of dental implants

    Restoring your confidence

    Dental implants can help restore your confidence. They feel, appear and function like natural teeth without anyone being able to tell the difference.

    Healthy teeth unaffected

    Healthy teeth do not need to be altered in any way to support dental implants. Unlike a conventional crown or bridge, the dental implant procedure won’t affect your healthy teeth in and around the dental implant.

    Encourage bone and tissue growth

    The placement of a dental implant replicates a natural tooth root, encouraging bone and tissue growth which helps create natural-looking teeth. Leaving a gap can otherwise lead to the bone receding.

    A secure and firm fit

    The dental implant procedure involves anchoring the implant to the jaw helping them sit securely and firmly just like natural teeth do. This gives you great peace of mind with regards to your implant for the future.

    Competitive pricing

    Dental implant costs have a reputation for being expensive but advances in technology, healthy competition and increased accessibility mean they are as affordable as they’ve ever been. Contact us today and we’ll take you through the best options for you.


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